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About the Artist

I was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1949, and still live and work there. Growing up in the days before computers were invented, when even television was a rarity, we children needed to create our own fun. This suited me very well, as I loved art and craft, reading and writing. I still do.

I attended art school in the late '60's; then spent the next twelve years in a graphics career that included record cover and poster design, magazine layout, glassware design, and advertising.

My spare time interests were similar to my day job, namely photography and textile design.

I travelled overseas for a year, then changed my career direction upon my return. I studied herbal medicine first, and later, astrology, and spent twenty years consulting and teaching those.

I was grateful for my wonderful careers and yet I was still searching for the 'missing link'. When I discovered clay sculpture, I knew I had found my life purpose.

My love affair with clay actually began in 1997 when I made my first Buddha. The previous year I had begun classes in a wonderfully creative environment bordering a National Park, where my gift slowly revealed itself.

Ten years later, (2007), I took part in my first group exhibition, called 'Inspiration,' and two years after that, (2009), I held my first solo exhibition, called 'Connections'.

Both were held at the Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

My next solo - 'Communion' - is scheduled for 2011.

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